Our most in-depth training program for tough-minded individuals who want to experience solotrishcurtaff.JPG (23144 bytes) freefall on their second jump.  Your training consists of the Static Line Course and an additional 2 hour course on freefall training.  On your first AFF jump, you exit the plane with two instructors along side.  You freefall for about a mile, pull your own ripcord (if you don't your instructor will assist you), and maneuver your parachute, just as you did on your static line jump.  The AFF progression has 8 levels and you will be cleared to jump by yourself upon graduation from the AFF program.

To make an AFF skydive, you must be 18 years of age and weigh no more than 235 lbs.

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Cost: $300.00
includes ground school, and Level 1 AFF jump

To schedule your jump, contact us at

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