Choosing a Training Method

Here at the Columbus School of Skydiving we like to keep up on advances in Skydive Instruction. Therefore, we have found that the Tandem/Accelerated Free Fall Program is the best overall method to use for training a potential skydiver. It allows the student to become familiar with the environment without being overwhelmed on the first few skydives, and yet enables the student to learn the basics of body flight at a pace comfortable for them.

Beginning with a Tandem Skydive enables you to experience every aspect of a skydive and will help in deciding if the sport of Skydiving is for you.
Additionally, if you know that you only want to make one skydive then we also recommend that you make your first jump by the method of Tandem. The Tandem Training takes approximately 30 minutes and therefore is the quickest and easiest way to experience free fall.

We continue to offer the traditional training methods of Static Line (Richmond Facility Only) and Accelerated Free Fall.

With the Static Line and Accelerated Free Fall programs your first jump begins with extensive classroom training and ground school lasting up to 8 hours.


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