"Skydiver's Unite for Safety"
Safety Seminars
Sponsored and Organized by
The Columbus School of Skydiving
Our 1998, 1999 and 2000 Safety Seminars were such a success we have decided to continue with an even  better seminar for 2001. 
Please take a minute and check out what was accomplished in 98, 99 and 2000.
Skydiver's Unite for Safety 1998
Skydiver's Unite for Safety 1999
Skydiver's Unite for Safety 2000


I personally want to thank everyone involved with the 1998,1999 and 2000 seminars


Roger Nelson - Skydive Chicago Trisha Neece
Glenn Bangs - U.S.P.A Safety & Training Bill Booth - The Relative Workshop
John LeBlanc - Performance Designs Cliff Schmucker - SSK and PIA
Ted Strong - Strong Enterprises Pat Thomas - Sun Path Products
Kathy Grix - Alti 2 Inc George Galloway - Precision
Simon Mundell - Icarus Canopies Sandy Reid - Rigging Innovations
Zute Suit Sky Sysytems
Frank Gattolin - NTSB John Kallend - IIT
Fred Morelli Jr. Dennis Caravella - FAA
Scott Landorf - FAA Diane Young - Strong Enterprises
Mike Ortiz - The Flyboyz Scott Miller - Performance Designs
Rook Nelson - Skydive Chicago Jeannie Nelson - Skydive Chicago
Goose - Rigging Innovations Doris Pfister - SunPath
Jerry MacDonald - SSK Joe Jennings
Kirk Smith - Skydive Chicago Edwardo - EG Sky Systems
Dave Ruffel - Sun Path Products Ty Bowen - The Relative Workshop
Rich Westbury - The Relative Workshop Eileen Rossi - The Relative Workshop
New Tribe Productions Speed Curve Productions
Chief Tim - Skydive America Dave Starr - The Relative Workshop
Brendon " Vern" Alexander - ParaQuip Randy Connell - Photographer
All Attendee's The Weather God's




All Attendee's
Dan Poynter - Para Publishing
Glenn Bangs - USPA Director  of  S & T
Cliff Schmucker - PIA and  SSK
Steve Stewart - Aerodrome Sky Sports
Gary Cooper - USPA Regional Director
John Goswitz - USPA Regional Director
Andy Peckett - 1993 Skydiver of the Year
Corinne Brackett - F.A.A Operations Inspector
Trisha Neece - AV Master and Organizer
All Attendee's
Bill Booth - The Relative Workshop
Glenn Bangs - USPA Director  of  S & T
Cliff Schmucker - PIA and  SSK
John LeBlanc - Performance Designs
Roger Nelson - Skydive Chicago
Bob Ingoldsby - USPA Regional Director
Trisha Neece - AV Master and Organizer
Randy Connell - Photographer
Rich and Eileen - The Relative Workshop

Thank you
Steve Alexander
ParaQuip Skydiving Systems
The Columbus School of Skydiving