tnsteve3.JPG (6426 bytes)The Traditional Static Line training takes about 5 to 6 hours, the 1st half of your training includes a classroom discussion along with a detailed video that lets you see exactly what you'll be doing on your first jump.  The video includes aircraft & exit procedures, landings, emergencies, and much more.  The training continues with hands-on practical exercises on body positions for exits, emergency situations, and landing techniques.

Upon completion of your training you will be ready for your first jump.   You should arrive at the airport as early as possible ready to make your First Skydive.  Assisted by a JUMPMASTER you will put on your parachute harness container system and will be reviewed on aircraft exit procedures.  Once at the designated jump altitude of 3500 feet, you and your jumpmaster will attach your static line to the aircraft.  As you exit and fall away from the airplane, the static line automatically pulls the parachute from the container on your back and begins the opening process.

The Static Line progression consists of 5 static line jumps and 20 freefall jumps.  Upon completion of this progression you will have qualified for the UNITED STATES PARACHUTE ASSOCIATION "A" License.

To make a Static Line Jump you must be at least 18 years of age and weigh no more than 235 lbs.

Cost: $189.00 includes Training Course and 1st Jump

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