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A Tandem jump is a one on one skydive where you are "attached" to an instructor, and therefore is the quickest way to experience freefall.  You will both exit the aircraft and freefall for about 1 mile at a speed of 120 mph at which time you or the instructor will pull the ripcord to deploy a parachute that is specifically designed for two people.  You will then assist the instructor in guiding the parachute to an on target landing at the airport. 

Tandem jumping is the easiest and safest way to enjoy this experience of a lifetime.  The training for a tandem jump takes approximately one hour and is taught by appointment only.  We also offer a Tandem progression for those interested in taking up the sport of Skydiving.  To make a Tandem Skydive you must be at least 18 years of age and weigh no more than 200 lbs.   If you exceed our recommended weight limit, call for additional information.

Cost: $179.00 - Richmond, Indiana Facility
Cost: $190.00 - Lancaster, Ohio Facility

To schedule your jump, contact us at bartac@paraquip.com.

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